1991 Mixtape Part 1 - Stu N

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  • Song Name: Stu N - 1991 Mixtape
  • Artist: Stu N
  • Album: 1991 Mixtape
  • Year: March 2012

Well here it is, these mixes mix has been a very long time in gestation, coming on thirty to be precise! Finally I have had the time to start collating what I hope to be a go-to series of mixes celebrating why I love this music quite as much as I do!

Using only the original vinyl to give them all the real ‘feel’ of the early nineties DJ set and tapes (no cheating on Ableton, nasty mp3's or additional production here folks!) so it's just like back in the day (but no tape hiss or crappy MC's!)

If you like the mix or a particular track brings back some memories, please share a thought in the comments box.

1. Manix – Special Dope Mix Part II
2. Rush Till Dawn - Come On Lets Have Some Fun
3. Dragonfly - Visions of Rage
4. Egma - Let the Bass Kick
5. Bizzare Inc - Raise Me (Eon's Ascension Mix)
6. Cyberfunk - Live From The Wunderbar
7. After Dark - Cardiac
8. Wax Factor - Cause
9. X-Static - Free
10. Altern 8 - Frequency
11. Cold Sensation - Control the Universe
12. Skin Up - Blockbuster
13. After Dark - Atlantis
14. Manix - Feel Real Good Remix
15. Tronik House - Mental Techno
16. Rabbit City - Beyond Control
17. P.W.M. - Are You Ready to Move?
18. Qbass - Dancin' People
19. Danse City - Melba
20. After Dark - Assylum
21. A Split Second - Flesh (91 Mix)